Infant (6 Weeks – 15 Months)


“I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Our infant curriculum incorporates your infant’s typical developmental milestones along with our philosophy of self esteem and practical life to ensure a strong development in even their earliest of years.  The infant program offers a variety of different activities and experiences to allow them to discover more about themselves and the world they live in. Our program is specifically tailored to encourage discoveries in the developmental areas of:

  • social/emotional
  • language
  • sensory, and
  • small and large motor (physical)

Our infant staff are a team of experienced, loving, creative and passionate individuals who see your child as their own. All of our teachers meet the Minnesota DHS requirements for the position they fulfill, while also continuing to develop through monthly required trainings and classes.

Infants are a bundle of joy and a multitude of responsibility, and just one infant can be a full-time job. While minimum staffing protocol requires one (1) staff member per four (4) infants, we prefer to keep that number closer to half when possible, adding a second staff member when the number of infants is more than two (2).

The infant team is comprised of teachers, assistants and aides who work together to achieve the developmental goals your child is set to reach. Duties are harmoniously split between the team to ensure a productive, efficient and vibrant environment throughout the day.

To achieve the best developmental goals for our infants, we focus on several different interest areas to keep our infants stimulated, learning and developing to their fullest potential. The specific interest areas that we focus on for infants are:

  • Creative Arts and Crafts
    • finger painting
    • age appropriate crafting
    • exploring with glue and tape
    • coloring
  • Music
    • listening and dancing to songs
    • incorporating songs into the daily routine (nap, meal time, etc.)
    • activity-specific songs
  • Fine Motor Activities
    • playing and exploring with different shapes and sizes
    • age appropriate puzzles
    • developing dexterity and strength in their little hands
  • Large Muscle Activities
    • pushing/pulling rollers
    • different sized blocks
    • tummy-time, crawling and walking practice
  • Sensory Stimulation
    • interactive books with different textures
    • identical toys but with different material, texture and feel
    • introduction to the different colors
    • water and sand activities

We do our best to ensure that your child’s routine is as consistent with what they are used to at home as possible. Our teachers follow the routine you supply us in regards to meal times and nap times to remain consistent, and they implement the aforementioned interest areas during the remaining free time. We don’t implement our own meal times or nap times; each infant has their own specific routine. Most infants will have fairly overlapping schedules, so your child will typically have a few friends eating and napping with them during the same time.

During the waking hours, our infant teachers keep your child engaged with a daily routine that incorporates the aforementioned interest areas. The themes change season-to-season, as well as the specific activities included in each interest area, but the general daily routine remains the same throughout the year.

Specific daily routines and lesson plans for each program are provided to you by your child’s teachers.

Throughout the day, your child will be learning, exploring, playing and interacting with their friends, teachers and environment to continue to grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

Our teachers incorporate the developmental milestones throughout your child’s day, and more than often during guided free-play. Instead of having set activities that the child must adhere to, we prefer to infuse the goal behind that activity into a guided free-play environment. Several different stimulating activities are placed throughout the room, specific toys and materials are rotated each week, and themes are consistently implemented throughout the seasons to ensure the direct and indirect progression of our infants’ development.

Our team uses BrightWheel, a child care management application, to keep our parents and families connected with their childrens’ teachers throughout the day. BrightWheel is a downloadable phone application found on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store that allows for seamless communication between our program teachers and our parents. You can expect to see frequent, hourly updates regarding several items, such as:

  • Activities
  • Nap time and wake time
  • Meals (time, what was provided and what was eaten, as well as the amounts)
  • Incidents/Accidents
  • Bathroom + Diaper Changes
  • Photos + Videos
  • Lesson plans

BrightWheel is also used for communication between our teachers and our parents. Questions, comments, updates, requests, feedback and everything in between is handled with the direct messaging feature found in the app. Dreamers administrators also use BrightWheel to notify parents of center-wide information, events and changes.

Billing and attendance are also handled using BrightWheel, allowing for the entire Dreamers Family to manage everything out of one central application.