Summer Camp

Dreamers Center is pleased to announce its Summer Camp for children 5 years through 12 years of age.
Participants will be put into groups depending on their age:
The Seeds, The Trees & The Dates

Contact us for more information & to enroll
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We at Dreamers Center believe that the best way to help the children grow mentally and spiritually is through hands-on activities, mentorship, and long-term behavioral modeling. Summer camp will begin June 8th!

Dreamers Summer Camp includes learning about the Pillars of Islam & Iman, Quran, Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Reading, Math & Science as well as sports, games, arts and crafts field tripsand much more!


(Read – Understand – Memorize)


This summer, at Dreamers Summer Camp, we will dedicate each day to one aspect of the prophetic tradition (Sunnah). Each day, your child will spend time learning the Sunnah, putting it into practice, and understanding its relevance to his/her daily life. By the end of camp, not only will the Dreamers learn to live according to the Sunnah, they will be inspired to love our Prophet (PBUH) and his way of life.


Summer time is the perfect time to get students outside and explore! These activities will allow students to practice their exploration and observation skills in the great outdoors.

Math Through Food

A great way to reinforce important math concepts is by giving students the opportunity to learn by using food. Dreamers will focus on math facts through fun and exciting cooking activities. They will work together to create recipes, learn basic cooking skills, meet new friends, and make delicious treats.

Participants will learn about a variety of foods from around the world through activities that develop math, geography, teamwork building, and critical thinking skills. Participants will cook, eat, play, and learn as
they move through a series of games, group activities, and cooking exercises


Dreamers will be doing a variety of arts and crafts – indoors and outdoors. Making art outdoors for a change of scenery.

Language Arts (Arabic or English depending on needs/preference)

Summer is the perfect time to let students use their imagination and explore their creativity. We willuse this time to have students describe objects, write in their journal, and practice writing short stories and poems.


A great way to kick off every morning in our program is to have students begin the day with a good book: Quran & other books.

Non-Verbal Communication

Teaching the students nonverbal communication by doing a variety of activities : Wordless Acting, We Have to Move Now, Silent Movie and more!

Sports and Movements

Dreamers will explore different sports, movements, and relaxation techniques. Dreamers will be provided opportunities to create their own ways to relax and calm themselves down when they are not feeling good. We will definitely talk about the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad when dealing with stress and hardship.

Summer Field Trips

A great way to keep students engaged in learning is to take them on a field trip.
Tentative Field Trips: Museum, Nature Center, parks, swimming, Masjids, Lifetime, YMCA, etc…

  • Full time – $172.57/week
  • Daily – $52.58/day
  • Hourly – $8.27/hour
  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Half Days
  • Flexible Schedule