About Dreamers Child Care


Monday through Friday

7:00 A.M. – 6:30 P.M.

Dreamers Child Care was founded in May 2017, and it’s doors were officially opened for business on February 27th, 2018. From having only one child running around and enjoying the center for the first several days to seeing the blessing of having dozens of children enrolled and attending every hour of every day, Dreamers Child Care has continued to serve the community to its best ability. With the unwavering support of our amazing community and the endless and passionate determination of our wonderful staff we have been able to provide the highest quality care possible for over a year, and we are excited for the many more years to come.


Dreamers Child Care exists to provide premium, safe, and developmentally appropriate care for children from infant to preteen years. Our five unique programs are designed for children as young as 6 weeks to as old as 12 years.


Our focus is to create a warm Islamic environment for children that provides them with a positive outlook for years to come. We are committed to ensuring that all children have an optimal learning experience while in our care.

Mission + Philosophy + Goals + Objectives

Our Philosophy

At Dreamers Child Care LLC (“Dreamers Child Care”), we provide a safe, multicultural, nurturing Islamic environment geared toward the educational, emotional and social development of children.
We believe that children are born learners, and that they learn best through exploration and experience. As educators, we strive to provide quality, creative and fun activities to assist children in exploring and understanding their world. Exposure to different cultures and lifestyles at an early age promotes tolerance even while they are still very young. Fair play is also an important component of early childhood education. Respect for others, sharing, honesty and cooperation is role modeled by staff and incorporated into day-to-day activities. Bullying is never tolerated.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare our kids for a prosperous and successful future. Through the implementation of a fully comprehensive curriculum, the endless availability of quality resources and the hardened backbone of our experienced and skilled staff, we hope this mission will be achieved with every one of our children.

Goals and Objectives

The following goals and objectives apply to all of our programs, infants through school-age:

  1. To provide quality child care in a safe and loving environment
    • Supervision of children is required at all times
    • Quality care indicated by appropriate staff/child ratios
    • Quality care indicated by parent feedback
    • All safety policies are followed
    • One-on-one time with each child each day
    • Caregivers follow the established behavior guidance policy
    • Caregivers speak to the children at their level
    • Quiet activities give opportunities for appropriate one-on-one time and attention
  2. To provide an international child care experience where children learn to appreciate each child and adult’s uniqueness
    • Hire staff from a variety of backgrounds
    • Plan activities to teach about countries around the world
    • Highlight information about each child, focusing on what is special about each one
    • Implementing learning material, activities and themes in Arabic
  3. To plan and conduct activities and opportunities for each child to grow physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally
    • Provide a variety of large and small muscle activities and equipment, both indoor and outdoor
    • Practice large and small muscle skills
    • Equipment, toys, games and decorations around the center challenge each age group intellectually
    • Interactions with adults and children focus on positive social skills such as sharing, cooperation, interdependence, accountability, responsibility and leadership
    • Engaging with children in a respectful way that fosters self-confidence and emotional health
  4. To provide activities that reflect the cultural background of the children in our care
    • Research the cultural background of the children in our care
    • Plan activities that teach the children about that culture
    • Involve parents as teachers/speakers to share information
    • Continuously seek feedback from parents and other team members